Today’s Real Estate Market

The reality of Seattle real estate right now

As someone who works full time as a Seattle Realtor (80% of those licensed work part-time… unsuccessfully) I can tell you that since January 1st our area is overflowing with frothy buyers. But you may already know that.

Inventory is low (.5 months supply available as of Jan. 2021) and I have a strong hunch Covid is to blame. What hasn’t Covid affected in the past nine months? Many are referencing Seattle’s real estate market as the only thriving element of life through this godforsaken pandemic. 

Yes, if you’re a seller. 

And if you’re a buyer? Well you’re anxiously praying for more inventory, which will come but not until the vaccine works it’s scientific wonder.

For good reason sellers would rather not invite a plethora of potentially infected humans through their home, touching their door handles and sneezing on their countertops, unless it’s vacant of course. Which is achievable by some but not all. So as this vaccine becomes more available I anticipate heightened inventory numbers which should thin out the crowds and make buying a home a bit more achievable. 

What’s that mean for you? Well, if you’re a buyer get ready for some competition because it’s inevitable… unless you’re buying a condo that is.

On the flip side, if you own a home and you’ve considered a time to sell, there may be no more exciting time than now. 

Regardless of your position I encourage you to reach out for more information. I’m available every day via email. We can also schedule a phone call or a safe place to meet in person. 

Cell #: 206.295.3990 / Email:

-Peter Mullenbach

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