Living In Seattle: Easy Street Records

A beacon of the world, through music

More than a financial investment, HOME is comfort, an extension of individuality. We’re very fortunate in Seattle to be surrounded by many distinct neighborhoods each with their own personality; my goal as a real estate advisor is to guide my clients into a home that amplifies their lives.

I present, West Seattle, located just 5.5 miles southwest from downtown across the West Seattle Bridge.”

Among Seattle’s diverse collection of neighborhoods, West Seattle tends to feel a bit more laid back than the rest. Perhaps it’s slightly removed proximity from major freeways or it’s placement nearly surrounded by salt water yields this feeling. Initially named by the Denny Party (Seattle’s first Euro American settlers) in 1851 as New York Alki, the area today within West Seattle is simply known as Alki Point, aka, “By and by” meaning “In a little while.” Fitting for a neighborhood which 270 years later maintains a seemingly more casual pace.

Since the early 1900’s, perhaps along with its annexation to Seattle in 1907, West Seattle has been a popular destination for summer activity. Aliki Beach to the north and east shores along with Lincoln Park to the west provide recreation such as scuba diving, beach volleyball, sea kayaking and more. 

In 1925 West Seattle’s Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal began routs across to Vashon Island and soon to follow was a booming blue collar community among pleasant residential neighborhoods housing artists, musicians and engineers alike. To this day a similar creative demographic  exists.

Among them, Easy Street Records, founded in 1988 by Matt Vaughan at the corner of California and Alaska streets, known as the Junction, set its roots and began to grow with the emerging grunge music scene in Seattle. As the early punk rock scene became recognized world wide with the support of local label Sub Pop, bands such as Nirvana, Mudhoney and Sound Garden, Easy Street and Seattle gained more visibility. Today Easy Street Records is one of West Seattle’s longest running local businesses and has been recognized by Time Magazine and Rolling Stone as one of the country’s greatest record stores.

In many ways, the culture of West Seattle is mimicked at Easy Street and vise versa. Maintaining the laid back, yet hard working atmosphere instilled during the 1900’s, Easy Street is known for its friendly environment, vast selection of vinyl and in fact their phenomenal diner style cafe. Keep an eye on their Instagram page for upcoming in-store performances as this is truly where the community of West Seattle comes to engage with the latest local, national and international acts touring through the city; free to those of all ages who can make it before the doors lock and the party begins.

If you’re in the real estate market, whether buying or selling, I’d love the opportunity to share my experience and guidance with you. I very much want to be the person trusted through this major life time achievement.

-Peter Mullenbach

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