Highlands: Open to Public For First Time

Seattle’s Highlands neighborhood, considered among the most exclusive in Washington is a gated community which formed in 1907 near Shoreline.

Until now these estates were only viewable with a licensed Realtor, however, on Sunday, February 26th the community will be running shuttles between the available fifteen of one hundred and four estates up for sale.

To provide a lens as to how unique this neighborhood is, consider the fact that it does not have its own zip code. When mailing to the neighborhood all one would have to do is label the family name and address to “Highlands Seattle,” the executive delivery service takes it from there. Residents over the years have included former head of CIA, John McCone and several of the Boeing family members among other Seattle influencers.

This is a great opportunity to see some truly unique architecture.

For more information, read Seattle Business Journal’s article, HERE. *Note, to avoid the shuttle you must be accompanied by a Realtor. Reach out to me if this interests you and I’d be happy to put you in my car. I’ll certainly be going.

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– Peter

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